We all know the internet has changed the conventional ways business is done globally and it has created a platform were businesses of all scales can compete favourably. The major snag of the internet is that it has been used by scrupulous elements to defraud innocent people off their hard earned money.

The real estate industry also has its sweet bitter-stories of how the internet has either enhanced business or scammed people off their cash.

In my few years in the real estate business I’ve had my share of wonderful stories that has cumulated to a wealth of experience; from scammers that want to sell properties they don’t have to buyers that want to buy a property worth 40 million for 4 million to owners that change their minds on the sales value of their assets just at the point where the buyer wants to pay…. I could go on and on.

Also platforms like jiji.ng, social media and other eCommerce site have helped a great deal but a lot of times the above mentioned issues still persist.

After a careful analysis of how best to minimize the rate of fraudulent activities when using the internet for real estate business, we came up with a solution that we intend using  for https://phpropertylistings.com.ng/

Firstly https://phpropertylistings.com.ng/ is going to a website dedicated to listing of properties in Rivers state, this way we can vouch for most of the properties on the site.

Secondly all agents and property owners that post properties will be allies, this way they will be a better network of property owners and real estate agents all working symbiotically to achieve common goals. Yes! I know that the social media has been a great tool that has helped real estate agents to work together but the downside of social media groups is that they end up been crowded by only sellers- not actual buyers.

What to expect from https://phpropertylistings.com.ng/

  • www.phpropertylistings.com.ng is a website dedicated to listing properties in rivers state alone.
  • www.phpropertylistings.com.ng is a platform where sellers and agents can list lands,building,cars and other tangible asset for sale
  • To minimize fraudulent activities,all person that the want to list their products on www.phpropertylistings.com.ng will be registered as agents (agents membership is free)
  • Clients and potential buyers will be requested to review agents which will determine agents’ credibility scores.

To list your property on Port-Harcourt Property Listings Go to https://phpropertylistings.com.ng/new-property/

To view the list properties on Port-Harcourt Property Listings  visit https://phpropertylistings.com.ng/property/

To view the cars listed Goto: https://phpropertylistings.com.ng/cars/

To list your vehicles Go to: https://phpropertylistings.com.ng/list-ur-car/